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Our mission at Fruggiero Counseling Services is to create a safe, no judgement environment where individuals, couples and families can seek person centered, professional counseling support as they work towards finding the tranquility and clarity needed to make meaningful life changes.

Psychology Patient

Message from Jessica Fruggiero, Founder

Welcome! I am so excited that you took some time today to invest in yourself. I know that sometimes it's challenging to find a place where you can express yourself without feeling judged. Here at Fruggiero Counseling Services our amazing mental health counselors are devoted to creating a safe space for individuals, couples and families to get the support they need. With a variety of treatment approaches and counseling styles, our team is here to empower you as you build towards a better future. Too often I have had someone sitting across from me who had a genuine fear of being judged by their family or friends. That is why I dedicated myself to creating a practice where you can find a refuge.

I hope that our counseling center is the right home for you, but if it isn’t, I just want to encourage you to find your safe space, because everyone deserves a harbor.

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